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Tips to Dating Older Women

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The life experiences a person has can determine which type of female a guy is attracted to. If you are typically interested in dating older women, it is helpful to take a look at the age categories to get an idea of where your attraction fits.

There is nothing wrong with dating older women so long as you know your reasons for doing so. Here are some dating advice for relationships with women of different age groups.


Women at this age are beautiful, vibrant and full of life. A girl in her 20’s is in a mode of freedom and self discovery. She is not yet weighed down by the heavy baggage of life.

This girl has not yet fully defined herself but she is certainly eager to do so. Adventure, romance and invention are the positives to this age group. Insecurity, promiscuity and lack of emotional understanding and control are also present attributes in which one should be aware.

If you are a young guy dating someone in this age group, you are most likely attracted to the adventure. This female while more mature has not yet fully developed her ideals. Generally you will be on a path of exploration together. While the success of this relationship is possible, be prepared to allow her freedom.


If you are a guy in your 20’s or perhaps early 30’s dating a woman in this category; you will find a plethora of experiences. It is always good to know what you may encounter. Women in this age group are much more secure and sure of what direction they want their life to go.

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Values, ideals and planning for the future are the focus here. Reversely a female in this age group is most likely caught up in a vivid picture of her life and should you not fit into the particular mold, it may be tough.

If she is dating you and you are younger she may be either avoiding responsibility or reliving youth slowly fleeting. This is not always the case as you may be mature enough to handle her complexities.

She may simply be enjoying someone who can keep up with her; after all this woman is in her prime. She knows what pleases her and isn’t afraid to ask. She may enjoy a guy who can be easily guided and one who isn’t stuck in a boring routine both in bed and out.


Women at this age are much more complex. These women have endured many trials in life and have experienced heartbreak, possibly many times over. They are highly cautious and have developed a keen knowledge of who they are.

A younger man can offer this woman an opportunity to feel young again. She can offer you a sense of security, family and wisdom. Of course dating older women should never be based on a need to be taken care of. Both parties must contribute to the success of a relationship.

You will have terrific communication and enjoy conversations based on the myriad of life experiences this woman has had. She is most likely feisty, stubborn and resilient. She will know exactly who she is and how she came to be that person. Your job is to embrace the complexities that make her a woman and instill passion to help her feel youthful.

Regardless of the age, dating older women can offer an abundance of intriguing experiences. Women are like snowflakes, no two are alike no matter their age. Each will have something to teach a younger man who happens to enter her life.

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