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Sick and tired of trying to search for the best dating guide available in the market now?

With the tons of guides to dating online, it can become very challenging to find the guide that is suitable for you.

Apart from that, there are also tons of scam dating sites and guides on the Internet. This further enhances the difficulty in trying the ones that will really help you achieve success with the ladies.

On this webpage, we aim to provide you with honest reviews and real customer feedbacks to some of the best dating guides on the Internet. has personally purchased each of these products and tested the products prior to writing up the reviews of dating guides. We hope that our indepth reviews will be useful for you prior to making a decision on the course to purchase. If there is a dating product or service that you would like us to review, please drop us an email.

We hope you find this section of the website useful when making decisions to sign up for any services. Cheers…

Dating Products Reviews | Dating Services Review:


  1. Review of Double Your Dating by: David DeAngelo
    Besides helping change the dating lives of thousands of men around the world through live seminars, he has published a lot of literature on the subject, particularly on how to win women by using the ‘inner game’.
  2. Review of Joseph Matthew The Art of Approaching
    The Art of Attraction is a dating guide authored by Joseph Matthews to help young guys looking for ideas on how to approach women.
  3. Slade Shaw’s ‘Fireworks With Females’ Review
    The main objective of this guide is to take you from zero to sixty with women, and best of all, achieve this with the natural qualities you already possess but don’t realize it.
  4. John Alexander How to Become an Alpha Male Review
    Rather than bombard you with tips on how to be ‘the man’, this guide by John Alexander actually gets you there. And unlike most other dating guides out there that focus on tips of ‘how to please a woman’.
  5. Tiffany Taylor Guy Gets Girl Review
    Guy Gets Girl is a relationship self-help guide book written by Tiffany Taylor. This is one of the few books about how to seduce a woman that is written by a woman, therefore that is the first plus.
  6. Black Belt Seduction Review
    The ‘Black Belt Seduction’ membership program is that program that will turn you into the man that every woman will want to be with the moment they get the slightest chance to be close to you.
  7. How to Become A Man Women Want Review – Marni Kinrys
    The strategy presented in this guide by Marni Kinrys, a relationship coach and author, is known as ‘The Wing Girl Method’. It basically outlines the things that a woman wants and expects from a relationship.
  8. ‘2nd Chance’ Review | Mirabelle Summer Review
    The ‘2nd Chance’ is another practical guide from relationship experts Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman. In appreciation of the differences between how men and women approach relationships
  9. Connect And Commit Review – Amy Waterman
    Connect And Commit Review: Taking things to the next level of commitment is a relationship self-help guide written by renowned dating expert Amy Waterman.
  10. Supreme Self Confidence Review – Slade Shaw
    Supreme Self Confidence is a self-help guide written by Slade Shaw. It is available for download online as an eBook. The book’s main aim is to boost your self-esteem as a man and improve your confidence.
  11. Conversational Chemistry Review – Mirabelle Summers
    What Mirabelle and Amy have done is to come up with a complete 300-page guide on how to deal with male-female conversation situations.
  12. How to Be Irresistible to Women Review – James Bradley
    ‘How To be Irresistible To Women’ is the perfect guide that can help men of that type. The guide consists of techniques and advice on how to make yourself attractive to women.

Dating Products Reviews | Dating Services Review