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Flirting Tips And Techniques For Guys

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As simple as it may seem to be, flirting with women actually needs a bit of skill in order for one to score a date or at least get her number.

Doing it the wrong way could bring about serious repercussions, from getting a slap in the face, being shouted at to being scorned at by practically every woman that the girl knows.

This is the reason why these flirting tips for guys should always be taken seriously.

Unless you would want to be branded as a jerk or a playboy, you definitely would rather want to put your best foot forward, be known as a gentleman and leave a good mark while you test the waters of dating.

1) Dress to impress.

It would not hurt at all if you wore decent clothes all the time. Heading across your apartment building to buy a jug of milk is no excuse to look like a slob – you never really know when you would see a good-looking woman with whom you can flirt with.

Also, wearing nice clothes would help boost one’s confidence and would leave a good impression not just among those you are flirting with but even with those you are working with.

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2) Make her laugh.

Have you ever noticed how comedians are able to snag the hottest looking girls available? There is no doubt about it; the number one among the many flirting tips for guys would be to steal her heart through humor. Making her laugh will allow her to feel comfortable and at ease with you and would make her want to be with you often. You might even be able to make her fall for you eventually.

3) Ooze with confidence.

Self-confidence does not just work to one’s advantage at the office but even at the bar. Confidence is what gives man courage to approach a woman, talk to her and perhaps ask her out for a date. Nothing turns a woman more than a man who oozes with confidence of himself.

4) Listen and give compliments.

While you ought to be oozing with confidence, you must also remember that women do not like men who brag about themselves. Yes, you have to be the one to talk to women when you approach her but eventually, you will have to give her the floor and allow her to do the talking. Keep yourself interested in her and give comments or witty remarks about her stories. Do not forget to give her compliments every now and then.

5) Do not go aggressive.

Another of the many flirting tips for guys to remember: never be a jerk. Acting like one could only end with you having a big red hand mark on your cheeks. Do not get too personal or sexual right away if you want to score a date – remember that this may just be the first time that you are getting to know her.

Also, do not forget to be a gentleman. A few acts of chivalry could actually help you score more points – open the door or pull out the chair for her but act as if it is something that comes naturally to you.

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