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It is a fact of life that not all men have been endowed with the skill when it comes to dating. Some have been born to be the ultimate ladies man while there are others who need some dating advice.

Either way, a little dating help for men would surely go a long way when it comes to your dating life. Who knows, this might just be what you need to jumpstart your quest to have a lasting relationship.

While there are many people who claim to be experts in the field of dating, nothing beats the following dating advice for men which have been proven by time and experience to work.

If these dating help for men have improved the relationships of many men with the opposite sex, these could also work for you. At any rate, if you feel that you need to get back in shape when it comes to dating, then you have got to read on.

Here are some general dating help and advice, including certain tips on how to get you back to the dating arena:

1. Decide whether or not you want to date. This is a very important aspect in learning the ropes of dating. You have to make a firm stand that you want to through yourself to the dating arena. This decision will fuel all your dating-related decisions later. This will also motivate you to stay focused on your dating goals especially when you encounter setbacks.

2. Come up with definite strategies. Since dating is a journey and having a relationship being the pit stop of such journey, you should come up with strategies on how to get to your destination. This requires a certain degree of planning and some foresight on how to execute your plans. At this juncture, you should already have an idea as to where, when and how you will have your first date.

3. Execute your plan. Now that you have conceptualized your strategies, you should be ready to implement them. This is the point that you make yourself visible to the opposite sex. At this juncture, you should also start setting your eyes on the girl of your choice that you want to take to a date.

You should already have in mind a venue for your very first romantic date and how it should unfold.  Should you take your date to a concert? Or will a romantic dinner in one of the coziest restaurants in town be enough?

These and many other dating questions should be addressed as your execute your dating plans.

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General Dating Help | Dating Articles | Help on Dating FAQ :


  1. How to Recover From a Breakup
    Have you ever had your heart broken? If not, you’re either the most fortunate person on the planet or you haven’t really lived. Everyone at some point has been through a bad break up, and they can be really hard to recover from.
  2. How to Develop Unshakable Confidence
    Is low self-confidence getting in the way of you meeting and attracting women? If so, you might be thinking: “I have to become more confident in order to have success with women.”
  3. How to Expand Your Social Circle
    In case you weren’t aware, the size of your dating life is often equally proportionate to the size of your social circle.
  4. 7 Great Places to Meet Women
    Are you at a loss about where to meet women? If so, you’ve probably tried all of the common advice: bars, clubs, coffeehouses, dance classes, bookstores, churches, libraries. But what if you’ve either tried all those and have had no luck or if you just don’t have many options where you live?
  5. Ways to Improve Your Physical Appearance
    Can you judge a book by its cover? Don’t you wish that women would sometimes just give you a chance and look past your outer appearance?
  6. How to Stay out of the Dreaded “Friends” Zone
    When that REALLY smoking hot and amazing woman who you were crazy about told you: “I’d rather just be friends,” did you say: “Sure, I’m cool with that,” in hope that she would someday change her mind?
  7. How to Escalate Attraction By Physical Contact
    Have you heard about how important it is to escalate attraction with a woman? If so, you might be wondering exactly how you can escalate attraction without “scaring her off” or trying too hard to impress her.
  8. How to Develop an Amazing Sense of Humor… FAST
    A while back we covered the topic of humor and how important it is for creating attraction. How have you been doing with that so far? No matter how good you are doing already, it’s hardly possible to be too skilled when it comes to your senses of humor.
  9. The Real Reason Women Are Addicted to Drama
    What is it with this fascination that women have with drama? It isn’t enough that they like to watch it on TV and the movies and that they read about it…they have to live it.
  10. Why Women Dig Men Who Qualify Them
    Do you qualify a woman to see if she is actually what you’re looking for? I’m not talking about sitting around looking at women deciding which one you want to approach.
  11. How to Keep a ’10’ attracted to You
    Okay, so by now you do know how to start a conversation with a woman and you know how to avoid the biggest mistakes that other men make. But what about when you get a hold of that REALLY hot woman?
  12. 6 BIG Secrets to Online Dating | Tips to Online Dating
    Have you ever tried, or thought about trying, online dating to increase your options when it comes to meeting women? If so, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you have become completely frustrated with it and even given up.
  13. Why Are Women Addicted to Drama?
    Have you ever noticed that women are addicted to drama? You might not be aware of just how important it is for you to understand this so that you can enjoy amazing interactions with women.
  14. Free Dating Tips For Men: How To Succeed In The Dating Arena
    One of the more complex species in the universe belongs to the female class. Relating with the members of the opposite sex can be challenging because it is difficult to figure out what the ladies usually want.
  15. How to Attract Asian Women
    If you are a guy interested in learning how to attract Asian women, you will learn the dos and don’ts in getting these Eastern gals to take interest.
  16. Are You or Your Partner Possessive?
    One of the most frequently reported relationship problem is having a partner that is too possessive. Whenever there’s lack of trust in a relationship, a person may feel insecure and this results into possessive behavior.
  17. Single Parents and Dating
    Having children is challenging in and of itself and then, poof, you find yourself divorced or single while still raising kids! Dating becomes a confusing and arduous task to achieve.
  18. Getting Dumped and Break-ups
    The biggest trial in exploring relationships is the journey to the end. In other words, getting dumped and break-ups are challenging and cause many people to ponder reentry into the playing field.
  19. Why Women Can’t Commit
    Commitment in general tends to be a scary word indicating shackles, chains and the requirement of saintly conversion. This precept instills fear in women just as profoundly as men for different reasons.
  20. Understand Female Psychology
    Surprisingly, female psychology is a subject that is much underrated. It’s not surprising that the ‘dating ritual’ typically consists of the correct pick-up line to shatter her defenses all the way until venturing into your house.

General Dating Help | Dating Articles | Help on Dating FAQ