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How to Approach Women

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Building up the nerve to talk to a female can be a challenge for some guys. There often tends to be an unavoidable rift between the two sexes which can only be bridged by utilizing the proper channels of communication.

Ironically, women are just as nervous yet eager to meet the right guy. Follow this helpful dating advice on how to approach women properly to avoid an uncomfortable experience.

Keep Your Interest Burner Turned Low

Ever wonder why so many women enjoy the company of gay men? Well, it’s simple. Gay men pay them attention, offer friendship and are not a threat.

What a heterosexual male can learn from his homosexual counterpart is to keep things friendly. Don’t strut up to a woman, indicating your intentions up front. If you find her attractive, don’t let her know right away. It’s best to treat her as you would any female acquaintance until she feels comfortable around you.

Keep Her Guessing

Most attractive women expect guys to show their interest. They anticipate the moment when you will put your foot in your mouth by blurting out how undeniably hot they are.

Turn the tables and do the unexpected. Talk to her without letting her know you find her attractive. Walk away from her just when she is expecting you to ask her out. She will end up surprised and intrigued by your guise. The sudden insecurity of wonder will cause her to take interest in YOU!

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Initial Contact Should Be Less Obvious

At least try to create a scenario where you are not purposely approaching her. Instead, perhaps bump into her by accident; apologize, then start a conversation. Another method would be to order a drink and happen to glance over at her, noticing she needs one as well.

This will give you an opportunity to buy her a drink without seeming as though you planned it. Whatever you do, don’t say something cliché’ or banal like, “Haven’t I seen you here before.” Create an accidental reason to talk to her rather than a forced one. She may take notice and consider it fate.

Give Her Your Full Attention

Most men assume the style of how to approach women should be a chauvinistic dance wherein they assume the role of a macho male who can have any woman that waltzes into their sightline. This is a huge turnoff for most women.

If you strike up a conversation with a female, give her your entire attention. Make her feel special by treating her like she is the only girl in the room. Don’t allow your eyes to rove; seeking out the next prey in case she doesn’t work out. Trust me; she will know what you are up to.

Focus on what she is saying and ask her intelligent questions to keep the conversation interesting. She will feel flattered by your ability to not only be interested in what she looks like but also your willingness to spend time with her before knowing if she is interested.

It is not as difficult as most men think to learn how to approach women. While women are the opposite sex, they are still people with normal emotions and responses. Keep your approach sincere and open and you will find women to be highly receptive.

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How to Approach Women | Approaching Women Tips