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How to Pick Up Women Online

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Attracting women is an art many men work hard to perfect. Unfortunately, most guys have a tendency of following advice of fellow single males.

The results are unappealing pick up lines and an immature demeanor which can be an immediate turn off. Take some advice on how to pick up women and try it out. Eventually you will revise your technique to make it real.

Be Confident, Not Cocky

One misconception men have about women involves confidence. Many guys confuse an act of confidence with a cocky attitude. This chauvinistic approach may work on occasion but it is only because women know it is just a game.

Be Different in a Good Way

Learning how to pick up women is not difficult. Take a fresh approach; instead of walking up and saying,” Hey sexy, wanna dance?” or “Can I buy you a drink beautiful”, try another slower approach.

First: Make eye contact. If she holds your gaze for more than a couple seconds, you are golden. Hold your horses, however, don’t simply rush over like a panting puppy dog hoping she’ll pet you. Look away first. Using this hard to get approach will pique her interest, especially if she is used to guys paying attention to her.

wing girl method

Next: Do something cute or quirky. Instead of striding up to her like Gaston and blurting out some nonsense about your interest in her; instead try passing her a subtle note. It can be a sill poem or something humble which says, “Hi, I noticed you earlier but didn’t want to bother you with a dumb pick up line. More than likely she will giggle, blush and nod her head at your clever, cute and unobtrusive method.

If this is not your style, simply tilt your head at her and give her a small smile but don’t bother her until later. She will be wondering the entire time when you will be coming over to introduce yourself.

Don’t be a Pesky Bug

The idea is to stay out of her personal space. You can subtly let a woman know you are interested from a distance. Too many guys get up close and personal way too early. This moth to a flame approach will not attract a woman and will most likely leave her swatting you away.

Most women find it annoying and disconcerting to have someone she doesn’t know sidle up next to her like a fly on fly paper. So, the bottom line, don’t be a bug. Express your interest subtly, back off and keep your distance. Trust me, if she is interested she will let you know.

Avoid the Fake Digits

Most gals already know the drill with you guys. You see a pretty girl; you say something cheesy and then…drum roll…you ask for the phone number. Sometimes you are so eager to collect your arsenal of phone numbers you don’t even ask her name!

Here’s another tactic you and the boys need to change up in order to learn how to pick up women. Ever wondered why girls give out fake numbers?

how to be irresistible to women

You see, when you don’t take your time to earn the woman’s interest and you immediately approach her asking for her number, she doesn’t know what to think. She doesn’t want to give her number to just anyone who asks for it. If you have not sufficiently gained her curiosity, you will either be rejected or given a fake number.

The second reason why girls do this is because they aren’t interested but like you enough to not want to hurt your feelings in the moment. Most guys get angry when a girl does this but truly it’s only her way of letting you down easy.

Forget about the Number

Instead of worrying about how many numbers you will get and weighing your statistical probability of how many will be fake vs. not; try Not thinking about it at all. Don’t be so caught up in whether you will be the first guy to win her over. Start living in the moment. Enjoy her company, get to know her. Introduce yourself and find out who she is.

Make an effort Not to do the expected, which is get her number. Instead, wait until the end of the night. Ask her out if you’d like but still forget her number. You will know if she is interested when she hands it to you without you even asking. If she doesn’t do this, pretend you forgot all about it and then ask for it at the last possible minute.

This approach will have a woman thinking you don’t generally ask for phone numbers and she will feel special. The idea is to Not do what most guys tend to do. Break the pattern of your boyishness and stop rushing around like chickens pecking at corn. Hopefully, these tips on how to pick up women will come in handy.

Just remember, being single doesn’t have to be a competitive relay where every digit becomes a badge of honor. Have class and know you are a worthy trophy as well. Do this with less egotism and she won’t be able to turn you down.

how to become the alpha male

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