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John Alexander – How to Become an Alpha Male Review

how to become the alpha male reviewChasing a woman is one of those fascinating things men enjoy doing, yet, the whole chasing game largely remains a mystery to most men the world over.

As a man, you realize that you spend much of the chasing game trying to please a woman, and never stop for a second to think about yourself.

To add to all the mystery is the fact that some men make it look so easy getting any girl they want, while other folks struggle with it for what may seem like a lifetime.

If you’re a guy who falls in the latter category, perhaps you’ll find the perfect help in the ‘How to Become an Alpha Male’ guide.

Rather than bombard you with tips on how to be ‘the man’, this guide by John Alexander actually gets you there. And unlike most other dating guides out there that focus on tips of ‘how to please a woman’, John Alexander’s guide shows you how to become the man that women want to be with and respond to.

Target audience

If you’re the type of guy that that has been around the block a couple of times with girls and still haven’t got a hold of those things you think might be driving women away into the arms of other seemingly ‘undeserving’ men, then you’re right at home with this guide.

And, given that the author is a middle-aged man who has seen and done it all, and had a fair share of rejections as a young man but has now grown into the alpha-male that he is, you can rest assured that his maturity and real-life experience will come through in his writing.

What’s the book really about?

Precisely speaking, the book is about how to become an alpha male; that’s it. There’s no ‘hullabaloo’ and fluff and ‘going around’ things. You get the facts head-on. 

You learn how to take total control over the object of your attention, which is you.

‘How To Become an Alpha Male’ is much more than a mere dating advice guide. You get every detail of the aspects about attracting and dating women.

Another thing that is of high importance is self-esteem and confidence and how they affect how you handle a woman in bed.

John Alexander cleverly crafted this guide in a tone that is very encouraging. There are numerous inner game exercises that you can apply right away to build confidence. What you shouldn’t expect to find pick-up lines because it’s mainly about the inner game. Nonetheless, there are suggestions about body language, grooming and sex techniques.

The section on approaching women is very useful and informative too, given that most men dread the idea of approaching a beautiful. You get to know how to overcome anxiety and how to fearlessly approach a girl you’re attracted to.

Some complaints

A few users have complained that most of the information presented is not entirely new and can be got for free online with some research. That’s true to some extent.

What John did was to pick out that stuff that has been proven to work and compiled it in one easy to read guide.

The book is especially a must read for new PUAs out there.

how to become the alpha male

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John Alexander How to Become an Alpha Male Review