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In the world of dating, it isn’t just the ladies that concern themselves with, will he like me, can we get on, what should I wear for the date later etc etc.

Truth be known, the majority of men also undergo  concerns similar to what the ladies do. It would be great if we could have a magic pill or dating sutra and find out everything that is required to understand women, relationships and dating. Sad to say, the world doesn’t work in this manner.

Often, the best dating advice would come from folks who were in similar scenarios as ourselves and had accquired good knowledge that we can relate to.

The guy offering this dating advice might not always have the full picture of the situation that you are in, Hence, although it is crucial to take note of dating advice that is offered by other people,you would also need your own judgement to help form an opinion for what would work for your case.

We have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions in dating and helpful online dating tips below. Some might suit you while some might not. Bear in mind that these online dating advice for men are not casted in stone. You will probably need to tweak and make some adjustments to them to suit your own needs and individual goals.

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Online Dating Advice For Men | Free Dating Advice For Guys:


  1. How to Keep Her from Flaking On You
    Don’t you HATE it when a woman flakes out on you? You know, you set up a date and she either doesn’t show up or she calls at the last minute with some story like: “My best friend just flew in from Europe and she wants me to…
  2. The 6 Point First Impression Checklist
    How would you like to know EXACTLY what you needed to demonstrate to her on the first impression so that you could go in with a game plan, and leave the interaction knowing that you covered all your bases?
  3. Creating Intimacy and Trust With Women: 4 Secrets
    You know, in spite of how important our personal relationships with women are, most of us men are completely clueless when it comes to one thing: Building greater intimacy and trust.
  4. How to Get a Girlfriend In Less Than 30 Days
    What if you could have a girlfriend in less than 30 days from now? If you think that this is impossible, then it’s probably because you’re not aware of how to go about composing this.
  5. Online Dating Mistakes that Men Make
    Have you tried online dating yet? If so, you might be one of the 90% of men who quit online dating within the first few months because they weren’t getting any results.
  6. Turning Friends into Lovers
    There are two things you have to do in order to move out of the platonic zone. The first one is to be willing, and the second one is to evoke jealousy in her.
  7. Should You Get Back With Your Ex?
    If you are experiencing a break up or have had a falling out, you may find yourself wondering, should you get back with your ex or is it time to part ways. Below is advice which will help you analyze the patterns and situation to come up with an answer.
  8. How to Stay in a Lasting Relationship
    Relationships go through changes like seasons. There are the winters of turmoil, rifts and upheaval which affect even the strongest of partnerships.
  9. How to Write Personal Ads and Personals
    You don’t have to be an award winning, prolific writer; you simply need to follow these basic guidelines to learn how to write personal ads and personals which will captivate and intrigue interested dating prospects every time.
  10. Inexpensive And Fun Places for Dates
    Everyday there are thousands of couples dating. The good news is there are equally a large number of inexpensive and fun places for dates to fit within your budget.
  11. How to Handle Rejections From Women
    You’ve spruced up, donned the new outfit, ventured out with flags flying high and then comes the moment; you check yourself in the mirror one more time to make sure there’s nothing in your teeth.
  12. How to Get an Ex Girlfriend Back
    Break-ups can be a tumultuous time to overcome, especially if you still have strong feelings involved. The good news is most breakups can be reversed by following a few guidelines.
  13. Overcoming Rejection by Handling Objections
    By following the guidelines below you should be able to find success when picking up women and not have to deal with the piercing stabs of pain which coincide with rejection.
  14. Giving Compliments to Women – Should You or Shouldn’t You?
    Every woman enjoys an ounce of flattery now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to know, however when it is appropriate. Below is an outline of giving compliments to women – should you or shouldn’t you?
  15. General Dating Rules for Men
    On the positive side, if you take the time to understand a female point of view and learn a few general dating rules for men, you should have a lead over your competition in the playing field.
  16. Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile
    Online dating can be as time consuming and frustrating as job hunting. The number of competition climbs every year and individuals are finding it more and more difficult to climb their way to the surface of the dating pool.
  17. How Can a Senior Meet a New Love?
    Many mature singles express the desire to find a companion but don’t know where to turn. Meeting people was much easier when you were younger and out on the constant prowl.

Online Dating Advice For Men | Free Dating Advice For Guys