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Review of ‘Double Your Dating’ by: David DeAngelo

double your dating reviewDavid DeAngelo, the author of the Double Your Dating book, is one of the most renowned authorities on the subject of dating psychology.

Besides helping change the dating lives of thousands of men around the world through live seminars, he has published a lot of literature on the subject, particularly on how to win women by using the ‘inner game’.

In this article, we’ll review DeAngelo’s ‘Double Your Dating’ book, one of his most popular dating books.

At the very start, David DeAngelo informs readers that this book is only a reference to succeeding with women, not a dating encyclopedia. It provides a very firm foundation that any guy ought to know in order to succeed in the dating game.

There are virtually no dating manuals that that will teach you how to pick up average women. Rather, the focus is on beautiful women. If a man is going to invest his time and money in a dating manual, he will want to see a return on his investment, and often, that return is in the form of a beautiful woman at home. Therefore, how does Double Your Dating fair in this sense?

Ego and Confidence

David DeAngelo guarantees that any man can double the number of dates he gets in a week once he starts applying the techniques highlighted in his book. He says that through years of personal experience and research, he finally cracked the code to approaching women, and goes on to boast of being able to approach any woman in the world and get her number within minutes.

Throughout his book, he makes numerous outlandish claims of this sort and although they may be true to some extent, some people find them irritating.

Nonetheless, one of the central claims that he makes is that women are generally attracted to ego and confidence, and it seems to make sense when you think about it. So, his outlandish claims may just be a way that he applies one of his core lessons.

What exactly will you learn from Double Your Dating?

The point that DeAngelo tries to put forward in his book is that when it comes to dating, the female psyche doesn’t work in the conventional way that most people think. Basically, women tend to get more attracted to guys that are seemingly not ‘nice’ to them. So how exactly does a man not be so nice to a woman and still win her heart?

DeAngelo claims that a man needs to remain true to himself and at the same time develop a personality that’s irresistible to women. Of course, this also means that you’ll be walking a fine line: you don’t want to appear as ‘fake’, but you also don’t want to be the old ‘nice guy’ you were that couldn’t pick up a woman.

Double Your Dating caters to those especially new to the pickup dating scene so if you’re in this category, you’ll find each and every tip golden. DeAngelo goes as far as to include tips on fashion and building a relationship, and specific tips on sex and how to impress a woman in bed.

Final Word

Double Your Dating is really a gem when it comes to guys who are clueless about picking up women. However, if you’re a veteran in the pickup scene and you’re looking for fresh and new tactics, Double Your Dating may not suit you.

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Review of Double Your Dating by: David DeAngelo