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Review of Joseph Matthew The Art of Approaching

the art of approaching reviewThe Art of Attraction is a dating guide authored by Joseph Matthews to help young guys looking for ideas on how to approach women.

The guide offers plenty of ideas to ponder for its target audience, and dozens of strategies to select from, all of which are explained in detail.

The Target Audience

One of the biggest fears for men just starting out in the dating scene is how to approach women and not look like a jerk. This guide specifically targets college-age males who are looking to wholly revamp their approach to women.

Joseph Matthews was in his mid-twenties when he wrote his mini treatise on the art of approaching women, and his writings often drew from his own real-life college experiences. Therefore, male college goers are very likely to directly relate to his narrations.

In fact, Joseph’s techniques of approaching women may not suit the mature guy at all (guys who are above 40). Reason is that you’ll need to shed some bit of dignity to be able to successfully pull off most of the strategies laid out in the Art of Attraction.

The author also describes himself as the prototypical loser-with-women who one day had a manifestation of his life and the total absence of women from it. From that epiphany, he managed to not only become successful with women but also to build a business in which he shares the secrets of attracting women successfully.

Precisely speaking, if you’re a young guy who wishes to enjoy the same success with women as other guys of your age seem to be having, then this guide will give you all the confidence you need to achieve that because the strategies therein were written specifically with you in mind, and you can immediately apply them.

Brief Description of The Art Of Attraction

According to Joseph, only 10 percent of the male population enjoys 90 percent success with women. The aim of his book is to make you part of that 10 percent. Of course, that’s an overtly ambitious goal but with over 350 pages of content, you can be sure to get there.

While the word ‘art’ is used in the book’s title, the theme of the book is actually about the ‘science’ of how to approach women and introduce yourself in a way that will automatically lead to a powerful chemistry, and eventually a romantic encounter. Almost all of the major sections are presented as doctrines, for instance The Art Of Body Language, The Art of Flirting, etc.

But while much of the content is supported by related instances that clearly illustrate what the author is trying to impart to the reader, some sections present far too much theory that you’ll hardly apply in real-life.

In fact, the main drawback with Joseph Matthew’s book is that the sheer amount of material that you have to peruse before you can start applying the strategies can be quite discouraging for a few individuals who get bored very fast with reading. Nonetheless, much of the material offers insightful tips to the world of dating for young guys.

The bottom line is that The Art of Attraction contains plenty of material that is worth the time of any guy who’s looking to improve his game with women. And definitely, it will be a valuable addition to your virtual shelf.

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Review of Joseph Matthew The Art of Approaching