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Sex is ususally a tricky subject matter during dating. You cannot escape from it as dating and sex is interconnected.

Even couples whose religious values are stoic and clearly points out that sex should only be for married couples brings up the topic for discussion and concern.

In today’s world, sex is seen as a test for compatibility between couples and if it is found that there is no chemistry during sex, there is no point going further in the relationship.

Despite numerous understatements for dating and the numerous campaigns for post marital sex, sex is an integral part of a relationship. To put words bluntly as quoted by a close buddy of mine, “No Sex = No Healthy Relationship”, if there are problems in the bedroom, they will slowly manifest in other aspects of your relationship.

Finding a long term partner requires a certain level of compatibility and you should seek partners that have similar preferences. Just like how online dating websites try to find potential matches for you, it is also critical to find a sexual match during dating.

Should you be shy or perhaps sex does not take up a huge portion of your life, you should attempt to search for an individual who is matching. There’s no point going into a relationship with a sexually active person if you do not enjoy sex. Different levels of sexual expectations would only harm a relationship in the long term.

With that being said, guys, do no pressurize your date into sex during the beginning stages of dating. Both of you ought to be on clear terms on what you’d like from the date, and if sex was not arranged in advance ( both of you did not meet via a “Casual Encounters” listing ), please assume that this is just a normal date and the other party is really looking for a possible long term relationship. For more tips on sex dating, check out our list of articles below…

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Sex Dating For Men | Sex Dates | Dating Sex:


  1. What Really Turns Women On
    Hopefully, the insights you’ve learned in the last two emails have encouraged you to start taking action towards turning your dating life around. But you’ve probably been wondering about something: “What exactly turns women on anyway?”
  2. Secrets to Giving a Woman an Addictive Rush
    I’m not talking about drugs. I’m talking about anything that just made you feel like you HAD to have it.That you had to have it RIGHT NOW. It could have been a food, or even something that you wanted to buy.
  3. How to Get Her into Bed
    How hard is it to get a woman into bed? I’ll tell you what, if it’s easy for you then you can probably make a living teaching men how to do this.
  4. Secrets to Making Her Crave More of You in Bed
    Have you been buying into the popular myths about women’s attitudes toward sex? Don’t be fooled, women are capable of having multiple orgasms without having to stop intercourse…don’t you think that’s enough to make them LOVE sex?
  5. How to Bring Sex into the Conversation
    Intimacy and sex in dating can often be an awkward topic to address in new relationships. Generally it is often left unspoken and naturally transpires but there are times when it should be discussed in advance to avoid negative situations.
  6. How to Deal With Girls that Won’t Have Sex
    What puzzles most men is how long they should wait, or how they could get her to ‘give in’. However, the real question they ought to be asking is, ‘why does she play the waiting game?’
  7. Dangerous Sex Mistakes
    There’s no denying men’s sex drive shoots through the roof compared to women’s, but many times, the desire to meet that natural urge may cause you to make regrettable mistakes that could even drive the love of your life away for good.
  8. Sexual Attraction in Conversations
    Most of us, when we fancy someone, we want to let them know without actually saying a word. It’s not because of lack of words, but because non-verbal communication can be so powerful in the dating arena.
  9. How to Please a Woman
    Females are mysterious creatures and sometimes it can be difficult for a guy to know just how to please a woman. There are, however, a few tricks you can learn which can be added to your arsenal of intimate bedroom knowledge.
  10. Seduction Tips for Men
    Imagine having a flock of female company no matter where you go. If you learn these top 10 seduction tips for men, you will be able to entice women no matter where you go.
  11. Flirting And Seduction Tips to Bed Women
    Many women have stories about how he swept her off her feet and the next thing she knew, she was in his bed! Now if you are like most guys, I’m sure you are dying to learn the flirting and seduction tips to bed women that work.
  12. How to Have Sex on the First Date
    If you have a new and exciting attraction, things may be heating up rather quickly. With the results of good chemistry in full swing, you may be ready and wondering how to have sex on the first date with a new crush.
  13. How to Have Better Sex For Men
    If you are like most men, then yes, steamy, passionate sex is indeed on your mind! Whether it’s on the kitchen table or in the bedroom; there is awesome advice on how to have better sex – for men.
  14. Creating Intimacy With Women Through Self Disclosure
    Creating intimacy with women through self disclosure will not only bring a more honest and open partnership; it will also establish trust in the long run.
  15. Good Advice About Sex on Dates
    When seeking relationships through dating, many guys and gals stumble around confused about the rules of engagement. That is to say, the engagement of sex can be perplexing.
  16. How to Bring Girls Home from Bars and Clubs
    The bar and club setting is not just more competitive but it can also be easier to bring home the ladies. Liquid libations are the prime equation. They can make or break any deal.

Sex Dating For Men | Sex Dates | Dating Sex