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Slade Shaw’s ‘Fireworks With Females’ Review

fireworkswithfemalesreviewIsn’t it puzzling why some girls tend to gravitate towards the ‘other’ side of the room at parties? If you’re one of the guys that never ceases to wonder why some guys are ‘popular’ with the girls and they seem to enjoy their fair share of girls’ attention, then Slade Shaw’s ‘Fireworks With Females’ contains just the information that will make you one of the guys on the ‘other’ side.

The main objective of this guide is to take you from zero to sixty with women, and best of all, achieve this with the natural qualities you already possess but don’t realize it.

Brief Description of the book

The dating knowledge that Slade Shaw imparts in his book will help any guy achieve a commanding ad attractive presence around women, regardless of whether you’re 16 or 61. His concepts work because Slade Shaw himself learnt that his natural abilities with the opposite sex were exceptionally rare, and he could actually share his abilities with guys that didn’t possess them.

In fact Slade Shaw refers to guys like himself as ‘naturals’, and he takes it upon himself to teach you how to become a natural. He contends that if a guy wasn’t born a natural, then he can learn to emulate the traits of a ‘natural’ and reap the benefits that ‘naturals’ enjoy.

In short, this guide is for guys like you who want to achieve the following:

• Be the sort of guy that every woman seems to love

• The guys that walks in on a social gathering and leaves with the woman he wants

• The kind of guy that exudes greatness and confidence to women

Basically, the kind of guy that gets the girl.

The book comprises five sections:

• Attraction from the inside out

• The knowledge you need to escape to the next level

• How to communicate with women

• Female psychology

• How to make a relationship last

Some specifics

Fireworks with Females is a real gem when it comes to the tips of getting women when it comes to the specific insights that can be converted into an instant boost in relationship success.

For instance, if you don’t know what ‘chick crack’ is all about, then you’ll have no clue of how to dole it out and have women craving for more of it. This book will teach you all about ‘chick crack’ and how powerful a tool it can be for building up that initial rapport with a total stranger, and then how to take it a step further.

Then there’s your ‘voice’; did you know that you may be turning off women simply by opening your mouth to utter a word? Yes, it’s pretty scary, but rather than what you say, it may be that the way you say it is the problem. The way you speak is a very important aspect of your approach to women; you’ll get the low down on this in a full section.

There are hundreds of other specifics of approaching women that Slade Shaw meticulously outlines in his book. the book is an all-round approach suitable for any age group.

The only drawback seems to be with the part on positive thinking, which generally speaking is not of much use in this book.  otherwise, there’s really not a lot to complain about in the book and it is great value for money.

fireworks with females succes with picking up girls

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Slade Shaw’s ‘Fireworks With Females’ Review