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Supreme Self Confidence Review

supreme self confidence reviewSupreme Self Confidence is a self-help guide written by Slade Shaw. It is available for download online as an eBook. The book’s main aim is to boost your self-esteem as a man and improve your confidence, not just in relationships but for anything you come across in life.


Often times, guys get all sorts of excuses when they are having problems with dating. Either, they are too focused on their careers to find the time to spend with their partners, or they just haven’t found the right someone.

Sometimes, it may be because a guy is living in a place that’s not the right place to meet the right type of woman. The list can be endless on why a guy has problems dating.

However, what most men will not admit is that they are clueless when it comes to how attraction occurs. Things really get worse when you try to seek some dating advice because the sheer number of products out there makes it hard to tell which one contains the best advice. For sure, most dating guides out there seem to offer only a single solution to all dating problems.

One product out there that is sure to change your dating life is ‘Supreme Self Confidence’. Rather than focus on ‘the things to say to please a girl’ and all that common dating advice, Slade Shaw’s book focuses on building confidence and your inner game and this information is guaranteed to change your approach to dating.

You will learn how to build confidence, boost your self-awareness and overcome any feelings of self-doubt. You will also be shown how to reject some social ‘beliefs’ and live your life differently from how society expects you to live your own life.

What you’ll find in the guide

Slade Shaw dwells mainly on the topic of building your inner game. You will more than 170 pages of quality content that is very rare to find elsewhere. Issues covered include:

• Personal confidence – you’ll discover the things that you had no idea existed which limit you from being what you want to be, especially around women.

• Social confidence – you will learn how to overcome shyness in public areas and develop into a more sociable person. The author will show you what it really takes to build social confidence.

• Sexual confidence – this is one of the most exciting sections in the guide. You will learn how to build confidence in the bedroom so that you become the most irresistible guy out there.

You will also get other information on confidence issues that you can use in any situation in life. 

What you should expect to achieve.

• You’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

• You’ll be able to quash your past fears and doubts.

• You’ll be able to focus and set actual goals that you can achieve

• You’ll be able to start and hold meaning conversations with women

• You’ll be a more socially likable person.

And finally, you’ll receive 3 bonuses worth more than the cost of the book and a 100 percent money back guarantee ensures that there are no risks of investing in a half-baked piece of work.

supreme self confidence

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Supreme Self Confidence Review – Slade Shaw