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Tiffany Taylor Guy Gets Girl Review

guy gets girl reviewGuy Gets Girl is a relationship self-help guide book written by Tiffany Taylor. This is one of the few books about how to seduce a woman that is written by a woman, therefore that is the first plus.

Tiffany Taylor is a relatively unknown author in the dating community, especially regarding issues to do with seducing women, because this field is dominated by male authors.

There’s a general perception in the dating community that women do not know what they want. Therefore, when you hear of a female author writing about succeeding with women, you get the feeling that there’s not a lot of useful information they can give.

However, when you carefully follow the information that Tiffany Taylor outlines in her book, you quickly realize that much of the skepticism is baseless.

Women are quite emotional and often times, they cannot separate emotions from reason. This explains why you will always lose when you try to engage a woman in a rational argument. The reason is simply because it is their feelings and emotions that usually come into play in such situations, and these things are not quantifiable. As a man, this is something you want to always avoid. In her book, Tiffany Taylor outlines the specific ways of how to deal with situations like these.

What you will find in Guy Gets Girl

As expected, you will be introduced to how the female psyche works. According to the author, women have certain triggers that set their emotions into frenzy and cause them to do things that seemingly defy logic. Depending on the situation, this may be good or bad. If a man knows how to trigger off these emotions in a romantic way, he can be able to connect with a woman in ways he never imagined.

Tiffany Taylor also elaborates how the female mind doesn’t work the way it ought to. Contrary to ‘logic’, women are attracted to ‘bad boys’ and jerks because these guys know how to arouse anger and excitement in a woman at the same time. Generally, a ‘bad boy’ knows how to arouse passion and anger simultaneously, causing her emotions to swing on the extremes of high and low. This is what creates attraction.

Note that this guide doesn’t set out to transform descent men into ‘jerks’ but rather presents to you what goes on in a woman’s mind and how you can set of these sensations in a woman’s mind.

You will also get the low down on how to go about a conversation on a first date, the things to avoid saying, and the best places to take a woman out on a first date that will make you feel relaxed.

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It is written by a woman so you can trust what she’s talking about.

It has 3 volumes – equivalent to separate books – in one and you get 100 percent money back guarantee.


Not so user-friendly in terms of structure.


Guy Gets Girl is generally a rounded, informative piece of work. It is particularly interesting to learn about a woman’s mind from a woman. It is highly recommended to any man who wants to up his dating game.

guy gets girl

Click here to access Guy Gets Girl instantly…

Tiffany Taylor Guy Gets Girl Review