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Understand Female Psychology

Female psychology is a pretty confusing subject.  Understanding the role it plays in dating can be beneficial both to men and women alike.

Surprisingly, female psychology is a subject that is much underrated. It’s not surprising that the ‘dating ritual’ typically consists of the correct pick-up line to shatter her defenses all the way until venturing into your house.

However, it is now time for understanding the real basics.

Nature and Nurture

Have a look at the questions below and let them run through your head several times until you’ve finally arrived at an honest answer you’re fine with.

• Do men think like women?

• Do women think like men?

• Or, do you think each individual thinks differently from the other?

Whatever you think is the answer, the interesting thing to know is that these days, ‘political correctness’ dictates the way individuals are raised. This means that individuals are taught that men and women are essentially identical, and all the difference simply shoved aside as social as social inequalities.

Thus, there’s a tendency to reward people if their behavior is in line with the gender that society perceives them to be, and if they don’t, they receive punishment.

With this general perception in society, you’ll find that most people simply try to conform to the views that are dictated by the ‘norm’, regardless of the fact that they may be fundamentally wrong.

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The fact of the matter is that some behavioral traits are innate.

In a relationship, a man is always the dominant gender (or at least expected to be), and if he behaves otherwise, he will generally be referred to as a ‘wussy’. Likewise, if a woman assumes the dominant role, she’s generally known as a ‘bitch’.

Why women chose certain men

Unlike women, men are more ‘physical’ oriented, so when a man ‘checks out’ a woman, he normally looks out for particular signals that match with his hardwired instincts for reproduction and survival. The universal preference for curved hips and slimmer waist are examples of such signals.

Likewise, women too have preferences with men that are similar but rather than physical qualities, they tend to look out for personality traits.

These include: foundations (health, humor, social intuition); attributes (status, wealth); congruence (confidence, challenging, pre-selected).

The first thing that strikes you about these traits is that they seem to be missing certain features, such as good looks. For sure, good looks play some part in modern courtship but only to a very slim percentage – 10 to 15 percent. You never have to worry about good looks if you master the foundations of the listed attributes.

Understanding these traits

Let’s take, for instance the ‘health’ trait in the foundations. Animals are biologically wired to look out for healthy mates and we are no different. So, in searching for a healthy mate, the female generally looks for a male that she presumes will be able to have off-springs, can provide protection, and can look after her. A woman may not necessarily say these things but that’s what her brain dictates at the subconscious level.

In conclusion, female psychology is such an extensive and interesting subject. Understanding the basics of why women behave in a certain way or make the choices they make is crucial for a healthy relationship with a woman.

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